Botanist Diomedes Ureña

For five years, Diomedes Ureña endured a cancer and after consulting the best doctors, naturists and lastly folk healers who couldn´t find a solution for his illness, and after his father died of cancer, he prayed to God for enlightening him in his quest for a cure of this disease. Being deprived of hope by medicine and unable to speak, he went deep into the woods of the Chiriquí Province, where he selected twelve medicinal plants; he mixed them and prepared an infusion, but before drinking it, he wrote a letter so that no one would be blamed in the event of his death after taking the potion prepared with the plants, because for him, at that moment, terminally ill and not being able to speak, the solution he had left was dying or living. He, then, drank the solution prepared with the twelve medicinal plants and right away he felt relief. Three months later, he was in better health conditions.

Nowadays, Ureña enjoys a perfect health with no trace nor vestiges of the disease he suffered in the past, and from that moment on, he initiated the treatments with the plants. On 1982, he treated his wife´s breasts´ cysts, and ever since, he has cured thousands of people with different types of diseases that the science has failed to cure.

Diomedes Ureña started his treatments of cancer by the end of the decade of the 80´s. First, he worked with humble people in Chiriquí to demonstrate that his medicines based on the herbs of the region cured this disease. He began charging 0.50 cents and in some cases, he would not charge the patients. In the beginning, what was important to him was proving he could cure cancer and any other illness. And he did.

Today, his botanical treatments are widely known and his healings have been broadcast by local, and even foreign, media. For Ureña, cancer and AIDS are curable, if treated with his medicines for a given period of time.